December 19, 2006

Too Good to Pass Up

Many of my correspondents will know of my campaign against the crackpots of the Neturei Karta. A campaign - I might add - that started long before their appearance at A-jad’s Holocaust circus.

So far I have to resisted he temptation to mention them on this site, not wishing to sully my blog with these scumbags.

The trouble with writers is that they just can’t resist a good line.

And I am no exception.

So here it is….

It’s about NK “Rabbi” Ahron Cohen.

He’s the clown in the shtreimel pictured with his Nazi friends in Teheran.

Ever since he returned from delivering his sermon to A-jad’s Holocaust convention, he’s had no end of trouble at his home in Manchester.

Irate demonstrators have camped outside his home, proudly waving Zionist flags and regalia. They’ve stopped everything from his papers to his kosher milk.

But what gets me is that the Manchester Chevra Kadisha cancelled his burial society subscription and refunded his payments to date.

Do you know what that means?

Wait for it….

That miserable moysering scumbag …

He lost the plot !

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