December 25, 2006

Who Cares about Darfur?

Who cares about Darfur?

Jews it seems!

Witness this poster I saw this morning stuck to a lampost in Jerusalem. Not 100 yards away a white UN vehicle was double parked outside a cafe. In the hour it takes the guy to have his 'expense account' lunch, a dozen children will have died in Darfur, adding to the death toll still running at 10,000 a month.

The hundreds of UN vehicles stationed in Israel are perhaps matched only by the hundreds of anti-Israel resolutions that discredited club of hypocrites has racked up over the years. Both factors suggest that this region is the center of the biggest hunanitarian crisis on the planet. It is of course not. It is simply the region that interests self-interested security assembly members most of all.

Darfur, Somalia . . . all of them will always take second - or last - place whilst there is still a Jewish state to beat up on.

But despite their
own problems in the tiny and embattled country they call home, Israelis still have a warm place in their hearts for those suffering thousands of miles away. It is not just about starving and homeless children. It is about genocide taking place whilst most of the enlightened world looks the other way. More than any other people, Jews have firsthand knowledge of how that happens.

If I had not been prompted by the lamppost to post this blog entry, I would not have found out about Jewish World Watch, an organisation which monitors these crisis regions and whose motto is: Don't Stand Idly By. See here how they have raised over a quarter of a million dollars to raise awareness on Darfur.


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