July 01, 2007

Throw the Jew down the well

Witness the behavior of the establishment and press of the State of Israel.

How those who eased (an indicted) Chaim Ramon back into the revolving door of government, are so quick to attack (a so-far unindicted) Katsav's plea bargain agreement just so that the religious guy goes to prison.

And all this goes on while Shimon Peres moves his furniture into the presidential mansion. How convenient his election was to smooth the way for next year's scandals and the pardon that Olmert will undoubtedly need for at least one of the many charges ranged against him.

I have said it before and will say it again. Whatever Katsav is alleged to have done to "Miss Aleph" without her consent is nothing compared to what the secular establishment and its bedfellows in the anti-religious press are doing to the Jewish State.

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