January 12, 2008

All in the mind ...

This man holds up a message for President Bush as his motorcade wends through the future home of Hamas in the West Bank.

Indeed, it IS the occupation that is the problem.

It's the occupation of this man's mind and the minds of all his people with Wahhabist indoctrination of hate and holy war against all of us infidels.

That's an occupation of minds that starts from kindergarten, graduating to a cleric's medrassa and ends up in a training camp somewhere in the hills of Afghanistan or Iran.

And it's all for one simple purpose.

As long as this man and his people are inhaling this 'opiate of the masses', they'll not be asking the critical questions that the sheikhs, mullahs and clerics would rather not answer.

Like where has all their oil money gone? Why should millions of Arabs pumping oil at $100 a barrel still be going hungry without proper sanitation, sufficient food, decent homes, basic healthcare and education in subjects other than the jihad? And why the only truly free country in the Middle East where Arab men have a vote and their women can drive their kids to school in a car should be Israel.

That's why the poster tells it right.
It's the occupation of their own minds that makes them stupid!
Just how the Wahhabists want it.


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