January 09, 2008

Dubya's Double Standards

Jerusalem came to a complete standstill today for the arrival of US President George W Bush. The main Route 1 into and out of the city was closed for a period of time as were some of the busiest downtown sections which remain severely restricted. Tens of millions have been lost in cancelled business appointments and the frustration to commuters must be enormous. Apart from this, the cost in security protection must also run into several millions of dollars.

And all for what?

To protect the President from Arab terrorists.

And the reason for his visit?

  • To get Israel to free hundreds of Palestinian terrorists (no different to those who would readily blow themselves up in his presence).

  • To get Israel to close down hundreds of security checkpoints (no different to those set up to protect his own security during the visit).

  • To get Israel to give Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah army control of West Bank territories which overlook Ben Gurion airport and from which, with a decent pair of binoculars, any terrorist could have counted the freckles on Bush’s worried brow as he stepped off Air Force One. (That’s the same West Bank which - even under Israeli military control - still had to be put under total curfew for the Bush visit).

And when it’s all over and Bush flies off into the Mediterranean sunset, he will expect Israelis to live side-by-side with the very same Arabs as all these roadblocks, closures and millions of dollars worth of security were needed to protect him from.

The day Bush can walk as freely through Jerusalem as he does in Washington DC, is the only day that Israelis can afford to lower their guard and grant concessions of ANY kind.

Do not unto others, etc….

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