March 01, 2008

At long last...

After 18 months of restraint since the end of the Second Lebanon War, Israel is finally having to ‘get serious’ about ending a blitzkrieg that no other country would put up with for more than a few days.

The leaders of the Palestinian Authority [kleptocracy] have immediately announced an end to the ‘peace negotiations’ [a process of arming and funding terrorists in the hope they will turn into civilised people that can be trusted to live alongside Israel] which they say are ‘buried under the rubble’ of the Israeli response.

This means that the PA – which has received more billions in foreign aid than the sum total of the Marshall Plan (after adjustment for inflation) is only prepared to talk peace with Israel if they are allowed to continue randomly rocketing Israeli civilians.

And the Israeli ‘left’ continues to buy into this lunacy.

I look forward to seeing some of the ‘Peace Now’ crowd taking their placards down to the Gaza border. That will put them nicely in range for what they justly deserve.

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