February 02, 2009

The Hidden Truth

Unless you visit such obscure websites as ABC of Australia, you might well have missed this story:

Hospital hit by two shells in Tamil Tiger stronghold
2 January 2009
The United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross say a hospital in Sri Lanka's northeast has been hit by two shells, killing two people and wounding five. It's unclear who fired the shells but the government blames the Tamil Tigers. Part of the hospital has in the past received Australian funding, including aid money to build a blood bank. [ABC – Australia Broadcasting Corporation]
Compare this to the banner headlines and worldwide condemnation of Israel's shelling of a UN school in Gaza.

Which, it turns out, never ever happened !
See this report in The Toronto Globe

Sad that the truth is hidden in obscure media pockets of the British Commonwealth, but never to be found in the UK.

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