November 01, 2009


Iran defied the world today in rejecting even the sham of a settlement plan watered-down by Mohammed's IAEA which would have enabled them to enrich weapons grade uranium under the noses of the inspectors.

The cheek and temerity of Ahmadinejad's regime - in terms of both nuclear arms and civilian repression - is only a reflection of the dithering of self-interested European governments and the utter spinelessness of the new American president.

Sitting atop his new atomic stockpile, Amadinejad mocks the West - referring to them as nothing more than 'mosqitos'.

Islam spits on Obama and he insists its just raining.

It simply defies belief that in little more than half a century since the end of the second world war, the world has forgotten the lessons of Hitler whose sole mistake was - as Netanyahu reminds us - to develop atomic weapons towards the end of his campaign, instead of in advance.

Ahmadinejad has clearly learned the lessons of history.

By failing to do so, the West and free world are doomed to become history.


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