January 18, 2010

The BBC just can't bring themselves to say it ...

Last night the BBC reported on the rescue of one of the last survivors of the Haitian earthquake - a tax inspector is brought out after 8 hours of digging through the rubble of his collapsed office building.

The reporter George Alagiah interviews the exhausted rescuers. They talk like Israelis, they look like Israelis and they have hebrew insignia and ID on their jackets.

But the BBC reporter just can't bring himself to say that elusive word: Israeli.

Unless of course it's about a Gaza child with appendicitis - well, then it would be fair to link it to Israel.

Click the logo below to watch the clip:

At the end of the clip, there is an interview with a man captioned as an Israeli rescue co-ordinator. But it's just not the same thing is it?

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