May 02, 2010

A Bible Lesson Revisited

Whilst researching another story, I happened to come across one of my previous Op-Eds which was published in December 2006.

It was just about the time when the shine started wearing off the presidency of George W Bush. Entitled "A Bible Lesson for Bush" it drew a parallel between the biblical story of Joseph and Anatoly (now Natan) Sharansky's rise from a gulag dungeon to the White House where he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor.

In 2006 the specter of a 'President Barrack Hussein Obama' had not even been dreamed of.

At the time I had clearly not realised the full significance of that parallel.

The last part of my piece read as follows:

"George Bush still has another two years left in the most powerful office on earth. Two years that can either glorify his place in history or leave it utterly sullied. But at the end of those two years there will be an election and another parallel in biblical history.
“And there arose a new king over Egypt, who knew not Joseph. (Exodus 1:8) ”

One thing seems clear enough.

Mr Obama is one dude who does NOT know Joseph.

Or else, doesn't WANT to know him.


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