June 01, 2010

Humanity Begins at Home

Turning now to our side, it is certain that heads will roll over the conduct of yesterday's operation off the Gaza shore. 

This was a clear failure of intelligence and planning in relation to a largely civilian flotilla which had been months in preparation virtually on Israel's doorstep.  Is this the spirit of Entebbe?  If we can mount a rescue operation half a world away, how can we fail on our own shores?  And if we are able to place spies in the heart of Iran's nuclear programme, how can we not have infiltrated the 'useful idiots' on those ships and in the nearby ports of Turkey and Cyprus?

The bravery of our troops is truly staggering.  They came down those rappel ropes armed with 'paintball guns' to avoid harming innocents.  Their holstered sidearms were strictly off-limits except for the kind of life-threatening circumstances which so quickly overcame them.  The first side-arm to be unholstered turns out to have been snatched by one of the terrorists, as will soon be verified by the upcoming enquiry.

Nevertheless, the commander in the helicopter continued to send down more of those brave boys down to certain harm in the bloody melee below.

Contrast this to the extraordinary lengths to which Israeli pilots go to avoid civilian casualties, as shown here.

It's time we stopped being saints playing with paintball guns.
Iran, Al Qaeda, and its jihadist proxies have clearly shown that threats of nuclear genocide and deliberate suicide-bombing of civilians earns them respect from Western leaders who beg to 'engage' with them whilst doling out even more millions in 'aid' (or protection money as I prefer to call it).

At the same time those Western leaders have shown there is nothing for Israel to gain by risking Jewish lives to save Arab lives.

So let's take the gloves off and put the lives of our pilots, troops and civilians right up there in front.
No more sacrifices.
We 'gave' more than enough in the Holocaust.
Humanity begins at home.

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