June 02, 2010

Turkish Delight

What does Turkey's prime minister Erdogan have to do or say to make Israel finally understand that there is nothing to be salvaged from ANY relationship with him.

Since the Gaza campaign, he has never stopped spitting in our faces, and yet our leaders still stubbornly insist it's only rain.

Even after Erdogan's bitter tirade yesterday, ex-prime minister Ehud Olmert urged the Israeli government to repair the relationship. He wanted to return to the good old old days, saying:  "Back then we were loved by the entire world: all European dignitaries would visit Israel- even after Operation Cast Lead- in order to support us and bless us."

Loved by the entire world ?
European leaders blessing us ??
What planet is this man living on ???

What better evidence can there be that this man has truly lost touch with reality?
It does explain why he considers Mahmoud Abbas (no less rabidly disposed to the Jewish state than Erdogan) to be a genuine 'peace partner' and why he was prepared to trust him with full control of Judea and Samaria including the hills overlooking Ben Gurion airport.

The bitter truth is that the only time Jews were ever 'loved and blessed' in Europe was in the aftermath of the Holocaust - still denied by Abbas - as its few skeletal survivors were helped to their feet and spoonfed by allied troops. And even that good nature didn't last very long.

But if Mr Olmert is so convinced of Turkey's vital importance to our people, I have a win-win solution for him and for Israel.

Let him be sent to Ankara as Israel's new ambassador. Let him take his staff along as part of the consular team. His lawyer and secretary who helped corrupt his term as prime minister and the property developers who corrupted his term as mayor of Jerusalem. Let them build their illegal, grotesque and ill-gotten apartment towers in the Bosphorous instead of blighting the beautiful hills of Jerusalem.

Let this disgraced leader who has taken leave of his senses, take leave of the people whose vital interests he took leave of long ago.

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