February 08, 2011

"Never let a serious crisis go to waste"

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste” (Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff to President Obama – Nov 2008)

Undoubtedly Iran has designs on the Islamisation of Egypt and, as I blogged earlier, the Russians will be quick to take advantage of Obama’s disastrous handling of relations with Mubarak. Even his envoy Wisner is not on the same page.

Just imagine: Iran in control of the Persian Gulf and Russia in control of the Suez Canal. Such are the fruits of appeasement and speechmaking which is all we have ever seen from this most inept leader of the once-free world.

As an international crisis, this will also be of interest to the notorious billionaire George Soros. He’s the founder and main benefactor of the International Crisis Group.

And his main board member?
Mohammed Elbaradei. - nominee of the Muslim Brotherhood.

I'm sure Soros will not want this crisis go to waste.

Another of Soros's ICG acolytes is George Mitchell.
Obama's peace envoy to Israel.

Let's hope Israel will be spared any kind of crisis for such men to exploit.
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