May 22, 2011

If looks could kill ......

What kind of look is this?

Is it for an Iranian despot who excoriates the USA and who's openly espoused nuclear genocide as a means of bringing his messiah into the world and has just switched on his atomic reactor built on the junction of three tectonic plates?

Is it for a Syrian dictator who's shot down hundreds of his citizens in the streets and defies America to stop him?

Is it for a Libyan despot whose troops continue to rape and slaughter those seeking reform in his country?

Is it for a Muslim Brother who's just beaded a Christian or burned down his church?  Or perhaps one of the Tahrir Square mob who tried to rape that American TV reporter whilst shouting "kill the Jew, kill the Jew!"

Is it for Hamas or Hezbullah who swear retribution for the killing of Bin Laden?

Is it for the Prime Minister of Pakistan for hiding Bin Laden?

Is it for Russia's Putin for building Iran's reactor, willfully assisting its axis of evil,  invading Georgia and humiliating the US into abandoning its European missile shield?

Is it perhaps for George W Bush, whose policies he has been forced to continue - from Afghanistan to Guantanamo to the tax cuts - despite all the Hopey-Changey election rhetoric?

Or for Donald Trump for daring to suggest he wasn't born in the USA.

Wow ..... so many excellent reasons to put on a face like that.

But no - it's none of the above.

This is a look that is reserved strictly for closest allies.
With whom there is an 'unshakeable' relationship.

Well, I gotta tell you .... it sure shook ME up.

See this expert analysis on Fox News.


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