April 28, 2011

Vive la Difference!

After the ouster of despots from Tunisia and Yemen, Mubarak is under house arrest in Egypt, Gadaffi is under siege in Libya, Assad is under attack in Syria, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal no longer feels safe in riot-torn Damascus, King Hussain frets about the riots in Jordan and the House of Saud trembles.

Not a happy time for Middle Eastern leaders.

Except for one.

That's Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu, enjoying the traditional feast of Mimouna in Jerusalem with his wife Sarah.

Mimouna is celebrated the day after Passover, when Jews from North Africa open their homes with tables bedecked with all kinds of sweet cakes and pastries for guests to enjoy.

In contrast, those less fortunate leaders I have mentioned above are more accustomed to their people giving out such sweetmeats to celebrate the death of Americans, Jews and the mass murder of other infidels.

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