June 02, 2011

Freedom of the City

Wednesday June 1st.

My very first time in Jerusalem for Yom Yerushalayim - 44th anniversary of the recapture of our eternal capital city.

The mayor seems to have had political reasons to change the route of processions. But it totally backfired.

I don't think I have ever seen so many youngsters in one place - and having such fun rejoicing in possession of the most treasured icon of the Jewish people.

I've uploaded some of my photographs here.
Click any photo to enlarge. 
Lots more can be viewed at this link   

Make sure you come next year for the 45th !

March starts at Ammunition Hill

Throngs of kids ...

Far as the eye can see

Rallying Point
Down Highway 1

Group of girls - thousands of them

Entering Sheikh Jarrah - Arieh King

Sheikh Jarrah used to be called Shimon Hatzaddik  - most Jewish areas were renamed by Arabs to support false claims

Small protest group
Entering Damascus Gate

Approaching Damascus Gate

Musicians play 'Im Eshkocheych Yerushalayim'

Pressing on towards ....

The Western Wall Plaza

"Rikud Degalim" - Dance of the Flags

Minister Gideon Saar pledges Jerusalem undivided

Home time...

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