July 31, 2011

An Inconvenient Truth vs. A Better Place

As America struggles with its debt mountain, Iran is giving away billions!  The mullahs in Teheran are reportedly giving 5.8 billion dollars to Bashar Assad to keep his hold on power in Syria.  

This is in addition to the brutal thugs of the Basij and Revolutionary Guard units Iran has sent to do away with Assad's opponents on the streets and in high places.

Iran has spent hundreds of millions taking power in Lebanon and re-arming Hizbullah after the last war with Israel.  And even more millions exploiting the removal of Mubarak by now unhindered missile shipments to Hamas in Gaza, whose arsenal now equals what Hizbullah had in Lebanon on the eve of the Second Lebanon War.

Not that Ahmadinejad cares a damn about Assad or the people of Lebanon or Gaza.

It's only that they all border the Land of Israel that interests him. 
He will sacrifice all of Iran's wealth and risk the lives of all its citizens for just a chance at wiping out the tiny Jewish state.

And this genocidal plan continues to be funded by the American car industry.  An industry which incessantly 'talks' about electric cars but has never been forced by means of tax and legislation to re-tool outside of its comfort zone.

Instead of letting General Motors go bust in 2008, and seeing market forces evolve into a post-oil motor industry, Obama bankrolled the easy way for his union supporters and business as usual. 

He's more interested in Global Warming projects and supporting Al Gore and his fellow 'warmers' in academia who've been sucking at the grant-engorged teat of this sacred cow ever since it became the Liberal Zeitgeist.   

Last week saw the latest and arguably most authoritative debunking of global warming, this time from NASA scientists.

How many billions of America's $14 trillion debt mountain could be wiped out by simply cancelling all the funding connected with this fraud, the carbon footprint industry and emission permit trades.

Imagine reinvesting those unspent grants into a motoring alternative that will finally turn off the funding spigots of terrorism.

Only ONE country has taken this challenge seriously.

And it happens to be the same country that all those petrodollars have been invested to destroy.

So CLICK, WATCH, LISTEN and see the future....

And, just like the mobile phone, Pentium chip and the USB key ... it's made in Israel.

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