August 01, 2011

How goodly are thy tents ?

If you've been following the 'tent city' demonstrations in Israel, and have been buying into the hype peddled by the left-wing press, Sarah Honig's excellent piece 'Between Tunisia and Tel Aviv"  will be instructive.

Whether these demonstrators are all spoiled brats, draft dodgers and adolescent moonbats remains to be seen. But the main source of their discredit are the truly homeless and dispossessed who had every reason to demonstrate their plight in this way, but chose humility above hubris.

I am speaking of the 8,000 Israelis expelled from Gaza.
They were cast into tent cities in which many remain until today.
Many of them are still in psychiatric care to cope with the loss of their homes, schools and family life.

After 6 years, did any of these dispossessed people ever shut down traffic and openly fete and regale members of the Arab political parties in order to get media attention?

Most assuredly not.

Instead, they quietly set about rebuilding their lives. And they turned up loyally for service in the army that the Tel Avivian elites so fashionably disdain. 

In truth these are the true elites of Israeli society.

And they are well overdue to be the very first in line for any tax breaks and social assistance being contemplated by the Netanyahu government which seems to have been suckered in record time by this media-fuelled street circus.

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