August 19, 2011

Moshe Naftali - hyd

This morning they buried a brave young soldier on Mt Herzl.  Moshe Naftali, 22 year old Golani trooper, was responding to the Palestinian terror attacks which left 7 of our people dead and many others wounded.

I was touched to read also that Moshe, zichrono livracha, was a graduate of the pre-military yeshiva academy in the Golan - Keshet Yehuda

I have been proud to be associated with its founder Guy Eshet and to assist his efforts in supporting this wonderful institution which instills Torah-true values in the defence of our people and our Jewish state.

I invite all readers to support Keshet Yehuda so that other graduates like Naftali may rise to the highest ranks to prevail against our enemies and sanctify his memory and his sacrifice for our people.


Keshet Pre-Military Academy in the Golan

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