August 09, 2011

London's Burning

London 8/8/2011

It’s 4.45 pm Tuesday, Tisha B’Av, here in London and I’ve just allowed staff to leave early to avoid rioters reportedly massing a mile or so north of my office.

Who would have thought this could ever happen here? This famously peaceful and tolerant society with its unarmed London ‘bobbies’, the oldest of all parliaments and oodles of charm and chivalry.
London 7/7/2005

On 7/7 it was the Islamists.
On 8/8 it was the anarchists.

Both events shook this county to the core.
But are there other connections?
I think there are – certainly in the reaction to both.

We keep hearing this incessant chatter about what brought these people to riot, loot, burn and destroy.  There’s social deprivation, broken homes, police intimidation … every pundit has his or her own theory.

It’s a lot like the 7/7 bombers.  All that handwringing about how Britain had brought this upon itself  by intervening in Iraq etc. etc.

The simple answer is usually the correct one.
These are anarchists who felt they could get away with it – so they did.
The police have been in total disarray.
The government have been away on holiday – and by the weakness of their response, they may as well stay there.

So why did these anarchists believe they could get away with all this … and how can they - even now in broad daylight  - be marching down my main road?

Prince Charles' car under riot attack in January
Simply because there is no longer any deterrence.
They don’t fear arrest, because the government has decimated the ranks of the police.
They don’t fear the policeman’s baton, because the police are scared of legal action for injury.
If they happen to get caught, they don’t fear punishment because the government has eroded sentencing guidelines to levels of farce. 
The government stopped building new jails, even as immigration soared.
So custodial sentences are largely discouraged.
If they are jailed, they will be out in weeks – or at least moved to ‘open prisons’ akin to holiday camps.
Do they care that a criminal record will ruin their chances of future employment? 
Nah!  These people live on theft and welfare and probably always will.

Where crime is concerned, it’s all about deterrence.
And if deterrence is watered-down to the level of farce, you have a recipe for disaster.

We have the liberal leftists to thank for all this.
They created this culture of equal ‘entitlement’ and ‘rights’ which transcends any consideration of whether they have been fairly earned.
Why should an avowed terrorist be entitled to the protection of a human rights court?
Why should an illegal immigrant felon be entitled to resist deportation on the grounds that he has a 'human right to a family life' in this country?

This has all been wrought by the liberal leftist academic and ‘enlightened’ classes who regard anyone on the right as ignorant and unwashed. To these leftists, those who talk of ‘crime & punishment’, restoration of the death penalty and more discipline in our schools are stupid barbarians. This is of course how they still speak of George W Bush, even as their darling Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama is into more wars than both Bushes put together.

Britain needs leaders with the guts to reclaim British sovereignty from Europe, write up our own Bill of Rights, double the number of jail cells and police, seal our borders and cut welfare benefits to all hooligans, hoodies and illegal immigrants.

We pay taxes to be protected from these people, not to subsidise their rehabilitation - however hopeless that may be.


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