May 24, 2012

The European Bufoons

Nowhere is the utter hopelessness of word leadership more starkly portrayed than in the sight of these two complete bufoons leading the EU and its foreign policy.

Herman van Rompuy is President of the EU.
Baroness Catherine Ashton is its first foreign minister.

No Wiki or other introduction of Mr Van Rompuy can possibly match that of UKIP leader Nigel Farage's withering reception for him in the European parliament chamber. A must-see HERE.

For Ashton, there is another Farage clip at the end of this blog entry which not only exposes her lack of any serious credentials for the job and the fact that she was never elected for anything in her little more than 10 years of political life ... but also reveals that she was a former treasurer of CND, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Is it right that such an unelected person should be in charge of the foreign policy agenda of 500 million people? 

That would be questionable in peacetime ... but with the mad ayatollahs of Iran now on the brink of nuclear weaponry it is breathtakingly reckless to see such a tainted naif taking such a critical role in negotiations with Iran's leadership whereby the late and limp sanctions only now starting to bite will be removed in exchange for worthless and unverifiable undertakings to refine uranium below the critical weapons-grade level.

The Farage clip below may not be new, but its message is as fresh today as it is critical with the P5+1 cave-in on Iran about to be signed-up in Istanbul. 

Also you can hardly miss the sheer bufoonery that is the EU parliament ... its finances in tatters and now weakening the security of the entire world.

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