April 19, 2015

Label West Bank Produce With Pride

To mark the 80th anniversary of the Nuremberg Laws, 16 European Union foreign ministers have called for labeling (read: boycotting) of Jewish products made in the West Bank. 

I say we should label settlers’ produce with pride.

Remember Gush Katif?  Jewish farmers turned sand dunes into world-beating crops. They made up 15 percent of Israel’s total agricultural exports. 

The 400 farms in its 20-odd settlements pioneered bug-free lettuce and exported 70% of Israel’s organic vegetables and 60% of Israel’s prize-winning cherry tomatoes. 
That was until Hamas converted the greenhouses into rocket launching pads.

Now that same blessed produce is being grown in our ancient lands of Judea and Samaria. They are much too good to export to Jew-hating Europeans. They should be labelled proudly and reserved for their most worthy and deserving consumers … Israelis.

Let Israel export the produce of the Galil and Negev to the Europeans, and let our people eat Mituv Haaretz.

In the words of Isaiah: if you follow in my commandments you shall eat from the best of the land.

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