May 17, 2018

Thank you Hamas !

Thank you Hamas !

You may have caused needless deaths and injuries to Gazans, but your border campaign has done an enormous service to Israel.

You see, until now, the peaceniks were happy to see Israel’s borders rolled right back to the pre-1967 lines. Sipping decaf lattes in Tel Aviv, they didn’t pay much mind to such details as borders. So long as there was a handshake and kumbaya with Mr Abbas, all was going to work out just fine.
That was until they saw your mob of 40,000 at the Gaza border. Through the belching smoke of burning tires, they glimpsed pure murder in the eyes of your ‘civilians’. They read about the maps and knives that you’d given to infiltrators directing them to the nearest Israeli homes with orders to slaughter anyone in sight – man, woman or child.
These Haaretz-reading elites may never have cared much for what happened down in Sderot, but right now, they are very wary of seeing your rabid mobs a lot closer to home.
Pre-1967, Israel had a tempting waistline just nine miles wide at its narrowest point and Jerusalem was surrounded on three sides by your people.
The peaceniks now have this horrible vision of returning from Pesach holidays in Turkey and flying into Ben Gurion over a pall of burning tires, just seconds away from the runway, not knowing what kind of missiles your jihadists might be aiming at the belly of their aircraft.
They worry about burning kites wafting into the fields of Hadera over the new 1967 border, which might now bring Netanya into mortar range. And they worry about what the future might hold. Perhaps cheap drones launched over the fence carrying Sarin or Novichok a few miles into Tel Aviv.
Of course we on the Right, the realists, have always known that ‘land-for-peace’ was just an illusion and that the only border acceptable to you people was always the sea, with the Jews inside it.
But your two-week show has woken up the dreamers in Israel. They’re now smelling the coffee, or the burning rubber. They will now think twice before signing up to what Abba Eban referred to as Auschwitz Borders.
So thanks for that Hamas, we on the Right are most grateful for promoting reality in Israel’s lofty circles.

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