October 25, 2018

American Jewish Voters

So, while 51 percent of American Jewish respondents approve of Trump's efforts for Israel, only 6% would vote for him.
How sick is this?

Can these Americans really be true Jews, or has the 70% assimilation rate totally wiped out their Jewish values.
One of those is "Hakarat Hatov". That means, gratitude.
Israel is today the 'Jew among Nations' . To single out Israel for criticism with double standards and delegitimization amounts to pure antisemitism.
When Trump and Haley called time on this, and blocked it at the United Nations, they were fighting for our people, the Jews. When Trump cut funds to the PA and UNRWA for abetting Jew hatred, he was fighting for our people, the Jews. When he sanctioned UNESCO he was rescuing Jewish heritage from political erasure. And when he faced down our enemies to finally move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Trump paid the greatest honour to our eternal Jewish capital before all the world to see.
President Eisenhower treated Israel coolly, explaining to his Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, “We conduct our policy as if there were not one Jew in the country. They don’t vote for us anyway.”
If Trump were to say such a thing after the upcoming midterm elections could you possibly blame him?
Maybe if all these 'enlightened' American Jews assimilated more quickly, we might sooner be left with a truer representation of our people and their values - not least gratitude.

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