October 25, 2018

So, Trump's not presidential

I’m tired of hearing people say: “Trump's not being presidential”.
Today it was about his comments on the pipe bombs sent to Soros and other Democrat activists who openly incited supporters to mob and harass Trump staff and supporters in restaurants, stores and gas stations.  

Trump is not presidential, right.
He’s crude, unpolished and has an ego the size of Brazil.
But here’s the thing ….
He was elected precisely because people were fed up with presidential types.
Like the slick and highly polished Obama, who started off his presidency going on an apology tour for America, decimated its military, never achieved growth of more than 3% in all his 8 years, racked up more debt than all his 43 ‘presidential’ predecessors combined, weaponised the IRS, DOJ and FBI to silence his enemies, forced 300 million Americans into a doomed healthcare scheme, allowed Putin to steal Crimea with impunity, and gave Iran’s ayatollahs $150 billion plus hostage money in pallets of used banknotes.
But he did it all with oh! - such polished speech and presidential aplomb !

Now we have Trump, the oh so unpresidential POTUS.
His enemies may call him the antichrist – but he’s more the anti-politician.
Unlike most other elected leaders, he's been keeping his election promises … all of them.
In fact the only ones not delivered fully, are those obstructed by Democrats in Congress. Like the wall.

Meanwhile, he has reduced Black, Hispanic and Asian unemployment to the lowest levels in American history and women’s unemployment down to the lowest for 65 years. He’s weaned 4 million Americans off food stamps, brought back half a million manufacturing jobs to America’s heartland, faced down China on fiendish trade abuses, got US hostages released for no ransom and stopped North Korea’s missiles flying over Japan. He’s renegotiated NAFTA and forced NATO countries to pay their own way, saving America billions. He’s cancelled the Iran sell-out and is refitting the military with $700 billion a year.

Thank goodness he’s not presidential.

We’ve had a bellyful of those !

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