October 02, 2018

Trump @ War

I remember two years ago, we ended Sukkot with worried speculation that Obama would stick the knife into Israel at the UN General Assembly's opening session.

And he did so - as a parting gift to the Jews at the end of his presidency.
We could hardly have imagined the complete reversal that we saw just two months later with the surprise election of Donald Trump and the complete 180-degree turn toward Israel.
It is said: ישועת ה' כהרף עין G-d's deliverance comes in the wink of an eye. Consider Joseph waking up in his Egyptian dungeon and by sunset clothed in the robes of highest office in the land.

Whatever your American politics may be, left or right, there's no denying that no US president has done more to support Israel than any other - let alone in just 18 months of office.
Trump has put Iran back into sanctions - the most severe coming up in November - and is crippling the regime that vows to wipe Israel off the map as a 'one bomb nation'.
Through his ambassador Nikki Haley, Trump has put the boot into UN bias against Israel and withdrawn membership and funding of anti-Israel bodies like UNHCR and UNESCO.
Trump has cut funds to the so-called Palestinian Authority (still the PLO in all but name) which pays salaries to Jew killers - whom Abbas hails as heroes - and funds their families' needs with European aid money.
Trump has cut funds to UNRWA which inflated 'Palestinian refugee' numbers from 750,000 to 5 million and employs Hamas teachers to educate generations of Arabs in the narrative of Jihad and the destruction of Israel.
Trump has kept Israel plentifully supplied with the defense materiel it requires and guarantees its QME (qualitative military edge).
And, finally, President Trump has bravely moved the US embassy to Jerusalem - something that all his predecessors promised but never delivered.

Former House Speaker Tip O'Neil famously said: "all politics is local".
Well, we say that for Jews of any stripe local must always be Israel.
This is not an issue of dual loyalties, but the imperative of what is vital for Israel's security and the safety of our 6 millions brothers and sisters living there.

So, whatever you think of the star of this movie, or its director, it needs to be seen by all American Jews (except for the hopelessly pathetic self-haters) prior to the upcoming midterm elections. 

The Democrats have one simple agenda: take down Trump by impeachment and block his policies by whatever means, fair or foul.

President Trump has supported our people - it's time to return that support


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