February 17, 2019

A Parev Gantz

I've just watched candidate Benny Gantz's first foreign speech, at the Munich Security Conference.
You can see the video on the Ynet website HERE. (Scroll down the page)
Great soldier that he is, can you really see this man speaking to a packed US Congress?
It's quite painful to watch when you have to love the guy for his IDF service and leadership.
Too wooden, no passion and makes Olmert sound like Cicero.
Alas this is not prime ministerial material.
No wonder his handlers delayed his inaugural speech for so long.

It's not as if we've been dazzled by army heavyweights thrust into politics.
Rabin allowed himself to be dragged into the disaster of Oslo by the politically savvy Peres.
Barak fled South Lebanon and handed the keys to Hezbollah.
Then he offered to give away 97% of Judea and Samaria. Only by the grace of G-d did Arafat refuse.
Sharon evicted 8,000 Jews from Gaza and handed the keys to Hamas.
Both territories surrendered by these soldier-politicians are now lethal Iranian rocket bases.
Hopefully Gantz will have the opportunity to serve one day as defence minister.
But for prime minister, we need a man who speaks to the world with eloquence and passion.
That man is Bibi Netanyahu.
He had the guts to take the fight with Obama to the US Congress.
He got 26 standing ovations.
Can you see Gantz doing anything like that?

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