February 21, 2019

'And the earth shall give up its dead'

This news is heartbreaking for all our people.

The thought of these tragic souls never being at rest for nearly 80 years, that their horrifying deaths went unnoticed and without meaning or purpose.

Well, today - more than any other time in those last 80 years - these souls have a real meaning and purpose.

It is to forcefully rebut the current generation of Holocaust deniers and belittlers. It is to shame the new wave of anti-Semites that peddle the only form of racism that seems to have a free pass in these days of insane political correctness.

The survivors may now be disappearing fast, but the sanguinary soil of Europe will yet yield up more of its macabre evidence to damn the naysayers, just as the soil of our beloved Israel gives up evidence of our 3,000 year history and inalienable rights to the homeland.

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