February 19, 2019

What's the hurry Avichai ?

I’ve never had much respect for the Israeli justice system, particularly the Supreme Court headed by self-appointing elites who regard themselves as an upper chamber of the Knesset legislating from the bench rather than interpreting the laws passed by the people’s will.

Happily this cartel of elites is now being taken down and the justice system reformed by the intrepid justice minister Ayelet Shaked, now of Bennet’s New Right party.

But the current attorney general is one of the good guys. He’s what one would regard an ‘erlicher yid’ (honourable Jew) as distinct from other Haredim in government who have disgraced their ethical upbringing.

Which is why I am so puzzled by his intention not to defer announcement of Netanyahu indictments until after the April elections. At least this is what is reported by the incessant leakers in his own justice department.

What is the urgency Avichai?

Is Bibi a flight risk?

Will those cigars disappear from his humidor?

Is that German submarine at risk of sinking before Election Day?

Is Yediot Achronoth losing readers because of the delay?

More importantly: did Bibi call an election just to delay indictments?

Everyone knows that it was Liberman’s walkout that precipitated the election.
Did Bibi make him do it? Can anyone make that big boy do anything he doesn’t want to?

And what’s clearest of all - other than the utter shallowness of the charges - is Bibi’s absolute determination to face and challenge his accusers in court.
So Mr Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit …. what’s your hurry?

On any objective view, given the total absence of any time prejudice, a decision to announce an indictment weeks before a general election can only amount to one thing.  A blatant interference in that election and an attempt to pervert the course of the democratic process.

This would be the case in any democratic country. How much more so in Israel where so many political indictments spawned by the now infamous Lahav 433 police unit have ultimately failed in court.

You only have to look at the same Avigdor Liberman who was hounded for more than 5 years before acquittal. How many times in that process were interim hearings conveniently timed to coincide with election campaigns? No prizes for guessing who was behind those moves. It sure wasn’t anyone on the Right
So Avichai. Do the right thing. Defy the Left-wing pressure, discredit the leakers. Make your own decision. The right decision. The one that’s faithful to the people of Israel and the democratic process.

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