March 09, 2019

A Call for Help

Someone has just sent me this 74 year-old letter to Rabbi Dr Solomon Schonfeld, of blessed memory, appealing for his help to bring my father to England after the war.

My late father was one of 3 brothers born in Pressburg (Bratislava) in what used to be Czechoslovakia. Two of his brothers Julius and Shmuel had escaped to England before the war. My father Simcha was the youngest, and was rounded up with his parents by the Nazis and sent to Auschwitz. His mother and father were murdered on arrival. 

My father survived and returned to his home town of Pressburg with nothing and no-one.

In this letter Shmuel appeals to Rabbi Schonfeld for help in bringing his 21 year-old sibling to safety in England.

I wanted to record this online as a testament to Dr Schonfeld's outstanding work in rescuing many thousands of our people from Nazi tyranny and to the kindness of the British people and government at that time in providing sanctuary and a new life to so many like my father.

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