September 10, 2019

The Taxi Driver Test

I have often discounted the value of pollsters. 
The idea that a sample of 683 people in the whole of Israel can be 'representative' and produce a 0.06% margin of error seems preposterous to me. 
A far better barometer of public opinion is the sampling of two dozen Israeli taxi drivers - always willing to spout their views on any topic.

I wonder how many taxi drivers would agree with Gantz about letting these two Congressional antisemites, Omar and Tlaib into Israel.

Gantz says the country is strong enough to allow these people to "see with their own eyes" how Israel is the best place in the Middle East for Arabs.

I think even the taxi drivers would say, these two lowlifes had no intention of 'seeing' anything positive about Israel.

Their sole intent was to make trouble and stir up the Palestinian street into even more nationalistic violence against our people and promote BDS.

If these girls would 'see' Israelis washing the feet of Arabs in the streets of Ramallah, they would still have returned to the US with the same toxic narrative.
We've seen many times where tolerance of such racists 
 gets us.
These two are indeed a 'representative sampling' and there's no margin for error.


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