January 23, 2020

Bravo Israel

Sitting here at Ben Gurion departures, I am wondering that if this day ends without incident (please God) it will be a stunning achievement for this tiny country surrounded by mortal enemies and so often ridiculed for being a 'balagan' in countless civilian services, from banks and post offices to car rentals.

An operation to deplane, transfer, accommodate, escort, wine, dine and entertain almost 50 world leaders and their aides in the space of 36 hours, with all their special needs, airs & graces, keeping them in the right pecking order, and returning them safely to their homeward flights without security incidents or diplomatic gaffes would be nothing short of astounding for this country.

And, of greatest significance in a country so used to random rocket attacks from areas we've ceded for peace, if this day ends without the Arabs succumbing to the most tantalising temptation of raining on our parade (or worse still, the Iranians wanting to bomb the biggest gathering of their enemies so soon after their massive loss) it will show how strong is our real deterrence when it counts.

As I board my 5pm flight to London, I just hope the day will end peacefully with all diplomatic relations intact if not enhanced.

And bravo to the 10,000 police, the border guards, the Shinbet, the IDF and the Israeli airforce whose helicopters have been all over the place this day.

Kol hakavod Israel !

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