April 11, 2011

A Kippa for our times

Secularists in Israel have been nervous about Netanyahu's recent appointment of two kippa-wearers to high office. General Yaakov Amidror as National Security Advisor and Yoram Cohen as head of Shin Bet security service.

Occasionally it happens that a kippa-wearer performs better than others.

But secular gripes about religious appointments have been overshadowed by other news in Israel.

Such as the stunning success of the IDF's new anti-missile system: Iron Dome

See it in action here .

Not many people know that the Hebrew name for this amazing kit is Kippat Habarzel ... the Iron Kippa.

Like I said.
Sometimes a kippa-wearer performs better than others.

It's also nice to know that almost half of the officers in the Israel Defense Forces also wear kippas.

Perhaps that makes them more focused on what our people are actually fighting for.

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