August 21, 2011

Moshe Naftali z'l - the real story

As I blogged last week, Moshe Naftali z'l who lost his life during the terrorist attack on Thursday, was a graduate of the Keshet Yehuda pre-military yeshiva academy.
Here is an email I have just received from the academy's director, Guy Eshet, with an account of his visit to the shiva house.

Hi Zalmi,

I am now in the home of the fallen soldier Moshe Naftali who was commander of a jeep involved in the counter terrorist attack. 5 minutes ago I heard an astonishing acoount from his father. This account was given to him by one of the soldiers who was involved in the operation together with him. He says that Moshe was the commander in the first jeep that arrived on the scene. He saw the terrorist who has killed the family in the private car going towards the car to check that the wounded were dead. Moshe told his driver to speed towards him and run him over and so they killed that terrorist. When he was killed a explosive belt that he was wearing exploded but the jeep was not hurt. He then saw a sniper shooting at them from not far. He told his soldiers that they would attack him on foot because he also could easily be wearing an explosive belt and miracles might not happen twice. Moshe shot at him and wounded him but unfortuneately did not kill him. He then shot Moshe in the head. Before Moshe was killed he reported all that was going on at the scene and asked for more forces to be sent. Immediately they stopped traffic that was travelling near that point and thus no doubt managed to save lives. Later on the Yamam force came and that was when their commander was killed by a sniper.

I don't understand why this story was not reported and I plan to make it known. It's a Mitzvah to tell it.




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