April 18, 2012

Laughing all the way to the asylum

Poor British Home Secretary Theresa May ... 

She just can't seem to get around the EU human rights judges in expelling  Al Qaeda lieutenant Abu Qatada (far right picture) to face trial in Jordan for terrorist offences.

Like the hook-handed Finsbury Park hate preacher Abu Hamza, both have taken liberties with our freedoms and seen their families well settled in large homes rented at public expense and receiving their full entitlement of other state benefits.

These are the fruits of progressive liberalism which has robbed a once-proud and patriotic European continent of nations of their sovereignty  and self-determination and melted them into a union that is every bit as bankrupt as its currency.  It has reduced Churchill's once 'Battling Britain' to a shadow of its days of empire ... unable to stop evil people from coming in, and - once inside - unable to kick them out.

The Islamists must be howling with laughter at the way this entire continent has paralysed itself with its own freedoms.

In the beginning it was all about asylum seekers.
Now we truly ARE the asylum.

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