September 06, 2002

Message to the Boycotters

I am a student of Middle East history and came across your boycott website.

If you would only read up on your subject, you would realise that the only exploitation (and 99% of the killing) of your people has been perpetrated not by the Jews but by your own people.

The whole world knows that Mr Erekat lied about a massacre in Jenin when he said there were thousands of bodies. (In all this time, no organisation has been able to account for more than 56!)

But what about your own killings?

For example, do you know how many Palestinians were killed by King Hussein when his troops ejected Arafat and his PLO from Jordan?

Seven thousand was the conservative estimate! Check it out for yourself. PLEASE.

On Sabra & Shatila it is true that - in hindsight - Mr Sharon should not have trusted the Phalangists. But the fact remains that all those killings were carried out by Arabs upon Arabs.

You talk of the settlements.

In the first place, we wouldn’t be talking about settlements being created by any other conquering army. Can you name any countries who gave back territory won in war? Especially when the war was declared upon them?

Did you know that before any West Bank settlements were established, Israel took the trouble to ensure that (a) none of the land had been privately owned and (b) none of the settlement land had been previously cultivated. The Begin government even went to the trouble of ordering up the earliest aerial photos of the West Bank (from the 1940's) to ensure that no farms, cultivation or livestock ever appeared on these tracts. No other 'occupying power' would even consider such niceties.

Arabs are indeed very fortunate to have Jews as their opponents in war. They kill 99% less civilians and give back 99% of the land.

PLEASE check the facts I have set out for yourself instead of believing all the propaganda that is put out by sheikhdoms, revolutionary councils and dictatorships throughout the Middle East whose sole aim is to keep themselves in power and luxury whilst millions of decent Arabs and their families live in poverty, illiteracy and cardboard boxes.

And, as for the refugees, who created them and why do they still live in tents?

Well, it started when the armies of no less than six Arab frontline states chose to invade the fledgling state of Israel on the day of its legal and legitimate independence. Their Moslem spiritual leader Haj Amin al Husseini declared a ‘Holy War’ and urged all followers to “murder the Jews …murder them all!”. The British occupying forces fully expected Israel to be quickly overrun and actually advised the Arabs to flee their homes so that they could 'return in triumph'.

In 1948, Arabs had the West Bank, they had Jerusalem and had the opportunity to live in peace alongside Jews in Israel and with a democratic vote.

(You cannot deny that the only Arabs in the Middle East to receive a democratic vote were given it by Israel. It is the only democracy in the Middle East!)

Yes, at that time the Arabs had it all! But the puppeteer sheikhs and dictators ruined it for them by calling for the Jewish state to be liquidated. Arab leaders created the Palestinian refugees ... not Israel.

It is a fact that more Jews were displaced from Arab countries than Arabs from Israel. But, whilst all Jewish refugees were resettled in various countries, the Arab countries have refused to admit any of their own.

And what about the holy places?

Whilst Arabs were in control of Jerusalem, they prevented any Jews from accessing the Western Wall ... their only shrine in the whole world.

Yet, after Jerusalem was captured by Israel (again as a result of a war forced by Egypt's blockade of the Tiran Straits) the Jews immediately opened the city to ALL religions as it remains today. The Imam does not like Sharon visiting the Temple Mount but the Moslem wakf continues to demolish Jewish sections of the Old City without interference from Israel. (One assumes this is designed to erase all traces of historic Jewish presence in the Old City).

As Arabs have many more important shrines such as Mecca and Medina to choose from, it is a wonder why they make such a fuss about Jerusalem. The Prophet Mohammed never visited it and Jerusalem is never mentioned ONCE in the Koran. Still, it suits your puppeteers in Tehran and Riyadh to make a big play of Jerusalem in order to fan the flames of violence and war.

Why do you think it happens that, over the last 20 years, every time Israel and the Palestinians have come close to an agreement, some terrorist bombing derails it? All this only prolongs the agony of the refugees.

The answer is that, with peace, will come enlightenment and education for the Palestinian Arabs. That it something your sponsors in Riyadh, Baghdad, Syria and Tehran cannot possibly afford. Such enlightenment would mean the beginning of the end of their dictatorships, their squandering of oil revenues and the notorious abuse of their people. That’s why they train and fund the bombers to derail any chance of peace in the region and keep themselves and their families in power and comfort.

That is the TRUE tragedy of the Middle East.

If you have bothered to read this far, I salute you. This is the kind of education – the facts - that your sponsors will have tried so hard to stifle from your childhood years and up.

Let me leave you with just one last thought.

The Jewish people are the only nation on Earth that has been so systematically persecuted for 2,000 years. First there were the Amalekites and Philistines, then the forty years of slavery in Egypt followed by Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Crusaders, the Spanish Inquisition, the Cossack pogroms and the Nazis’ Final Solution. All of these major powers had a go at wiping out the Jews or removing them from their homeland.

At the end of such an impressive list, do you honestly believe that suicide bombers and silly boycotts are going to make any difference?

If you REALLY want to liberate your people, the best boycott you can organise is of your own leaders and puppeteers as I have mentioned above. They are the real ‘occupying power’ which stands between 100 million decent Arab people and their basic needs of education, housing and employment. The ‘occupation’ of Arab minds is far more oppressive and unjust than any occupation of land.

May all the sons of Abraham one day live in true peace and enlightenment!


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