October 30, 2004

Jewish Turkeys voting for Kerry's Christmas

Letter to a UCLA Professor

Dear Professor Spiegel,

As a Bush supporter, I have ignored most of the pro-Kerry articles in the media. But I was drawn to yours for three reasons: (a) it appeared in the Jerusalem Post ostensibly directed at American Jewish voters living in Israel; (b) it appeared opposite an article by Ed Koch, a prominent Jewish Democrat who is backing Bush and (c) you are a university professor.

Your endorsement of Kerry as “best for Israel” is based on two main factors. First, a speech he made at AIPAC alongside Netanyahu. Second, that Bush has not intervened or been sufficiently active in the peace process as Kerry would.

As to the AIPAC speech, any reassurances toward Israel must be seen in the context of all the other ‘flip-flops’ Kerry is now famous for. Words mean nothing, least of all Kerry’s.

As to White House intervention in matters that affect Israel’s security, I shudder to think what can be expected of Kerry and his Middle East policy mentor, Jimmy Carter. His other confidant James Baker is best remembered for telling Israel in 1990, "When you're serious about peace, call us," and then giving out the White House telephone number.

Some months ago at a private reception in London, Israel’s Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told me: “Bush is the best US president we have seen since the beginning of the State”. As a highly decorated IDF general and former chief of staff, I think he has a better feel for what is best for the security of the Jewish State than campus professors.

I often fret about the future of our tiny but precious Jewish State. It is not Arafat or the Hamas that worry me. It is not the rabidly anti-Zionist UN or the terrorist appeasers of the EU. Worse even than the Iranian nuclear missiles soon to be pointed against us … I worry about university professors.

Yes, university professors. In Israel as well as the West, they are trusted to educate a generation of our smartest kids. These professors think it is cool to bash Israel; makes them look extra smart, liberal and refreshing. Indeed it has been shown that on many campuses, the highest grades are reserved for those students whose papers espouse their teachers’ skewed views. How has poor Israel got a chance in this arena?

From this pool of indoctrinated students will be drawn the next senators and congressmen in the US. From their ranks a future president will be chosen. That president may be asked, like Nixon was, to replenish Israel’s ammunition when - heaven forbid - its back is against the wall. What will he do?

Will he support Israel? Or will he let it fall as the racist and apartheid state it is branded by the UN or the shitty little country it is called by the French.

Yes, you are right that a Kerry/Carter/Baker team can be counted on for more intervention in the Israeli-Arab conflict. Consistent with Kerry’s agenda to build common cause with allies like France, Belgium, Spain and Germany the only intervention they will be interested in supporting can only be to Israel’s detriment.

Once the campaign team has un-canned Mrs Heinz, she will soon be jetting across the Atlantic thrusting for common cause with Madame Chirac and Frau Schroder.

And this does not mean they will just boycott our oranges. It will mark the beginning of a dark era for the Jewish State which will have been aided and abetted by Jewish university professors urging Jewish voters and students to vote against the best US president the Jews have ever seen in the White House.

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