September 25, 2006

The Freedom to be Absurd

Today is a day of two absurdities.

In Britain, newspapers revealed that the Commissioner of Police intends to tip off Muslim leaders in advance of anti-terror raids on homes in their community. This is to prevent a backlash if someone’s rights are abused.

Meanwhile in Israel Arutz Sheva broke the story of a Jew who was arrested for blowing a shofar at the Western Wall on Rosh Hashana.

In the era of Islamic terror, what is security if not the ability to raid suspect premises without warning?

And, in the era of our renaissance from the ashes of a genocidal holocaust, what is a Jewish soul if it cannot pray at the only surviving remnant of our holy temple? A few rows of bricks beneath a Temple Mount swe have allowed Islam to continue to dominate under our sovereign protection.

Both events of absurdity have one thing in common.

Political correctness gone mad.

The terrorist being tipped off at the expense of the terrorised.

The Jew prevented from demonstrating his faith in his own homeland.

Bush and Blair say freedom is at risk from Islamic terrorism.

The truth, it seems to me, is that Islamic terrorism exists because of freedom.

And it will continue to thrive in its deadly mission so long as our freedoms allow it.

The killers of 9-11 exploited America’s freedoms to enter the land of the free, secure an apartment, get an education and take one-way flying lessons. The Islamists in Europe continue to exploit Western freedoms to infiltrate and undermine society for their own sinister purposes. By these freedoms they receive visas, claim political asylum, collect welfare and housing benefits and – most of all – assert their inalienable rights in all things.

Like the right to demonstrate against their host nation. To attack its Christian values. To demand the death penalty for the Pope. To wave placards warning Britain of its own 9-11.

This has to stop.

In Britain and in Israel.

It’s time the little people woke up and spoke up.

September 24, 2006

The Key to Karni

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni stands before the UN and asks the world to stand up to Iran.

Who is she to ask this of the world when her own discredited cabinet has so miserably failed to allow its own army to stand up to Israel’s foes in Lebanon and Gaza.

Then, of the hostages she says: "Israel will not rest until all the Israeli hostages are returned safely to the arms of their devoted families and the embrace of a loving nation. Let us all make them the same promise."

If she is speaking for her government, what does this mean? It will not rest from what?
From blaming others for Kadima’s miserable failings?
From releasing Barghouti, Kuntar and hundreds of other rabid killers?
And thereby endangering Jews everywhere as legal tender for more prisoner releases?

What did the Jewish people ever do to deserve leadership like this?
What sins did we commit for this terrible punishment?

Olmert’s uncompromising orders for the Gaza ‘red line’ prevented the IDF from rescuing Shalit in hot pursuit of his kidnappers.

After that, there was one clear and simple way to get him home.
Not by grovelling to Hamas and Hizbullah.
Not by releasing murderers that our soldiers risked their lives to capture.

By simply and firmly shutting down the Gaza crossings.
No food, no medicine, no gas … nada!

The Karni crossing should have been padlocked and the key given to Shalit’s father.

The Americans will have protested and the Europeans will have called foul.
But if we continue to run things their way, there is no future for Israel.
None whatsoever.

Had I been a spectator at the UN watching Livni and Ahmadinejad at the podium, I would have been hard-pressed to choose which represented the greater danger to the future of the Jewish state.

If ‘clear and present’ the danger has to be Livni and her utterly discredited party.

FDR was credited with the statement: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”.
The way I see it, Israel has nothing to fear but its own self.


September 22, 2006


Remember that buffoon Dan Quayle?
Well, Olmert's looking to claim the Quayle prize for daftest pronouncements.

Here's one from yesterday:

"We're not challenged anymore by Hizbullah because Hizbullah dares not surface with even one weapon," he said, also pointing to the destruction of the Islamic militia's bunkers along the border. "There is no more threat to the people in the north from that part of Lebanon."

Just how long do you think it will be before Ehud eats those words?

May the coming year bring the leaders of Israel - and the free world - to their senses.

September 18, 2006

One Gutsy Lady

Award-winning writer and journalist Oriana Fallaci finally lost her battle with cancer last weekend. In the process one of the world’s most outspoken critics of Islamic fascism was silenced. For a taste of her sentiments, read this account of her feelings about 9-11 as a resident of New York City: The Rage & The Pride.

For her second book “The Force of Reasonshe was indicted by an Italian judge to stand trial for defamation of Islam. She never lived long enough to go through that travesty of justice in the country of her birth.

It’s ironic that she died on the same weekend as the Islamic Jihadists declared war one of her favourite people. Here is an extract from a 2005 interview:

"I feel less alone when I read the books of Ratzinger." I had asked Ms. Fallaci whether there was any contemporary leader she admired, and Pope Benedict XVI was evidently a man in whom she reposed some trust. "I am an atheist, and if an atheist and a pope think the same things, there must be something true. It's that simple! There must be some human truth here that is beyond religion."

Those books are well worth reading.


September 17, 2006

Destiny in a sack

Letter to Jerusalem Post Magazine

Thanks for an excellent resumé on the career of Justice Aharon Barak.

The story of his childhood escape from the holocaust in a burlap sack was fascinating.

It reminded me of another child who bypassed the gas chambers being carried by his brother in a sack and who similarly rose to great prominence in Israel. That was Yisrael Meir Lau.

Ironic therefore that Chief Rabbi Lau came from a religious background and so endeared himself to the secular, whilst the secular Barak so alienated himself from the religious.

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September 12, 2006


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September 11, 2006

Great Read

I don’t think I have plugged any books since this blog got started.

But if you are into the Israel situation and would enjoy a thriller that roller-coasts right into the thick of our current world situation, this is the series of books you need to get and read, but strictly in this order:

The Last Jihad

The Last Days

The Ezekiel Option

The Copper Scroll

Most of my family devoured all 4 in quick succession.
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