July 06, 2008

Who Dares Wins

I've just finished reading the Israeli newspapers' report of retired IDF general Yisrael Ziv's hand in the rescue of Ingrid Betancourt from 6 years' jungle captivity in the hands of FARC guerillas.

A modest man, now in private business as a global security consultant, it is a great shame he went into retirement.

It beggars belief that the army which 30 years ago rescued a planeload of Jewish hostages from 3,800 km away in darkest Africa on a week's planning, is unable after 2 years to rescue Gilad Shalit from its own backyard in Gaza; a tiny parcel of land in which the IDF can identify every backroom, alleyway and cellar.

The truth must be that, 30 years on, with all the gadgetry and pilotless drones at its disposal, the IDF is well capable of mounting a rescue. It's just that Mr. Olmert in his own words is 'tired of fighting and tired of winning'.

But most of all, he is worried about upsetting his 'peace partners' by daring to w

With people like Yisrael Ziv in charge, scenes like this might soon be repeated for the Shalit family. And what an enormous shot-in-the-arm such a rescue would be for Israel right now!

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July 05, 2008

Attorney-Terror Privilege

Time was that Arab terrrorists had no shoes.
Now they have Israeli lawyers.
Shimon Kokos now represents the family of the bulldozer terrorist who killed three Jews on Wednesday.
Ordinarily the families of such killers celebrate the killing of Jews with dances in the streets and giving out sweets.
Not this time.
There's too much at stake.
Like losing their Israeli ID documents, work permits and the whole host of healthcare and other benefits our enemies suck from the Zionist teat.
Including legal representation.

Attorney Kokos has advised his clients well.
Going one step further than the BBC, who could not bring themselves to mention the T-word, the killer's family now claim it was nothing more than a 'road accident'.

July 04, 2008

Breaking News

This BBC screenshot speaks a thousand words and provides a reminder - if one were ever needed - of the institutionalised prejudice that pervades so much of the British establishment on anything to do with Israel.

This is not news - it is pure prejudice.

Indeed, the very title 'BBC-News' is itself an oxymoron.

As I have written many times, the existence of Israel has given the establishment a wonderful means of expressing their ingrained antisemitism with impunity.

Indeed, the establishment would like nothing better than to see Israel wiped out by Iran.

But if that happened, the poor old chaps would have to find other ways to hide their bigotry against the Jews.

The BBC screen says: Breaking News.
That's exactly what they do.

July 02, 2008

For it is written......

Right wing Knesset member, Arieh Eldad says that today's terrorist attack in Jerusalem is a direct result of immoral deals made with the enemy.

I think his words are well supported by
Devarim (Deuteronomy) Chapter 7:

"When the Lord your God takes you into the land where you are going, which is to be your heritage, and has sent out the nations before you, the Hittites and the Girgashites and the Amorites and the Canaanites and the Perizzites and the Hivites and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and stronger than you;

And when the Lord has given them up into your hands and you have overcome them, give them up to complete destruction: make no agreement with them, and have no mercy on them"

My italics ... G-d's commandment.

They should know better!


Is it good for the Jews? Don't report it.

The sight of 40,000 people marching through London and filling Trafalgar Square to salute Israel’s 60th anniversary wasn’t considered news worth reporting in the British media.

Even when it included many Christian and other faith groups and special appearances by a cabinet minister and London's best loved talk-radio host.

On any other quiet Sunday, there is no doubt that one Palestinian child breaking a leg in Gaza would have shot straight into the BBC’s evening news.

This is because the British media have this extreme difficulty about reporting anything good about the Jewish state.

They are much more comfortable with blame.

That’s why we at least made the traffic reports.

[Photo: Marc Morris, London Jewish News]


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