December 27, 2008

Paraphrasing a Talmudic Legend

I came across this gem.
The first part of the story is Talmudic legend.
The second ... just wonderful.

An ancient story is told of two Jews. One had many children and also lots of bountiful crops and animals. The other had no children, and a poor crop.

One night, the well-off Jew thought "my brother needs extra food and I have more than enough". So, in the middle of the night, he carried some of his produce over the hill and put it secretly in his brother's barn.

The second Jew was also troubled. "My brother has so many mouths to feed with all his children, he may need more than he can ever harvest". So he took some of his produce, and moved it too.

This happened on a regular basis. But it was bound to happen that one night, the two brothers should bump into each other. When they did, and immediately understood what had been happening, they embraced each other.

On this spot, the Jewish Temple was built.

Then there were two other Jews.

Again, one was well off and the other poor.

The first brother thought: "Even with all my produce, I need more".
So, he went and stole from his brother.
The other thought: "My brother has more than he needs anyway" and he went and stole as well.

This also went on regularly.

One night, the two brothers happened to meet up and understood what had been happening and killed each other.

On this spot, the Knesset was built.


December 23, 2008

Israel's Christmas Pantomime

Is it just me? Or do you also find the antics of the Israeli election campaigners truly pathetic?

What’s left of the stillborn ‘Jewish Home’ party morphing into unelectable splinters Likud list members being pushed down the slate and suing the leadership in the High Court. Now Kadima with T-shirts saying “Believeni” and a skinheaded poster rapper called “Livni Boy”.

You would think they were running for the Christmas pantomime rather than custody of the Jewish state and the job of protecting our people from the next Holocaust at the hands of Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas and Al Qaeda with all the Russian help they can get hold of.

After Olmert’s miserable term of weakness, vacillation and corruption we were all hoping for something better.

It only looks worse from here.

Heaven help us.


December 18, 2008

Citizen's Rights

Nice to hear that the Mayor of Paris has bestowed honorary citizenship on Gilad Shalit who has been imprisoned by Hamas in Gaza for 907 days.

Perhaps the Olmert government and its much vaunted 'most powerful army in the Middle East' will reconsider restoring the priveleges of Israeli citizenship to Gilad, by getting him home instead of finding a dozen excuses why they can't, or why it would not be convenient for the time being.

It's utterly scandalous that a State which 30 years ago needed just 7 days to rescue a planeload of Jews from 3,500 km away in Africa, is still dithering after two and a half years about rescuing one 22-year old citizen from their own backyard.

December 14, 2008

How to blow 100 million ....

Last week the geniuses of Kadima shipped 100 million shekels in hard cash into Gaza to prevent the collapse of the Hamas banking system.

It seems that the billions in US and EU aid have either gone missing or is not sufficient as the biggest amount of foreign aid per in the history of the world.

I don't know what Ehud Barak thought he was going to get in return for this money.
Perhaps some goodwill from the West?

Well, this is the Sunday Times headline he got in return:
"Gaza families eat grass as Israel locks border".

What a waste of 100 million.
And still, the morally bankrupt and utterly useless leadership of Israel will send their blue JNF boxes and bond salesmen around the world collecting funds for the welfare of the Jewish State.

When will they learn that no amount of good deeds or money will ever, ever, ever bring the world to like Israel. It will always be cast as the world's pariah. The weaker and more submissive Israel becomes, the less she is respected in the world. On only two occasions has Israel been held in high esteem by the world ... and by the Jews of America, 90 percent of whom have never visited the Jewish state and 50 percent polled nonchalance if Israel ceased to exist. Those occasions were the 6-Day War and the Entebbe hostage rescue. On both occasions Israel showed its strength and determination to defend its state and its people.

The Oslo 'peace' treaty was suicide for Israel.
Kadima turned out to be its auto-immune disease.
It is a creeping dementia which each day produces a more absurd policy than the day before.

February's election will not be coming a day too soon.


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December 03, 2008

A Good Day for the West

Today's a good day for the West.

Fuhrer Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has finally admitted that the plunging oil price has put the Iranian economy into serious trouble.

I understand that for every dollar decrease in the barrel price, Iran loses $1 billion a year.

What a lovely thought.

This means that the Fuhrer will soon have to make some major changes in his lifestyle.

Let him drive to work on one of his centrifuges.
And feed his people on nuclear waste.

Let the devil take him to the same place as Rameses, Amalek, Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar, Haman, Titus, Chmelnicki, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Nasser, Yassin, Arafat and Saddam.


Keep the Best for Ourselves

It's the boycott season again.

Once again British NGOs and their friends in the press and academia are urging a ban on all foods and other goods produced in the 'occupied territories'.

It’s a strange fact that produce grown in the liberated territories is of a higher standard than that grown elsewhere in Israel, let alone the outside world.
Take tomatoes for example.

Before the expulsion of Jews from the Gaza region, tomatoes were the main export of Gush Katif. When the farmers sent their produce to an international competition, they were judged to be the best tomatoes in the world in a blind test. (Of course no other kind of test will do where Jewish entries are concerned).

The point I want to make is: why on earth should we bother to export Judea & Samaria’s best produce to the goyim?

Israel should keep the most luscious produce for Jews to enjoy in their homeland and export the second-rate stuff that’s grown inside the Green Line.

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