January 05, 2010

Only on Israel TV

Watch this lively exchange between TV host Dan Margalit and an Arab MK who accuses Ehud Barak of killing 1,400 Gaza children whilst listening to classical music.

As he is escorted out of the studio, the Arab shouts that the studio is located on the Arab town of Sheikh Munis. Quite true this, but never accepted by the leftist elite living in what is now Ramat Aviv and the self-hating-Jew professors on its TA University campus who ascribe illegality solely to the settlers of Judea and Samaria.

Margalit is the veteran journalist who outed Leah Rabin’s illegal dollar account in the seventies. He recently defected from Ha’aretz to the right wing free daily, Yisrael Hayom owned by US billionaire Shedon Adelson.


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