January 16, 2010

Our boys arrive in Haiti

Once again Israeli rescue teams are among the first to respond to the scenes of a natural disaster. Israel punches hundreds if not thousands of times above its weight amongst world nations in many fields, from hi-tech to agriculture. But this is where Israel shines - in the selfless contribution of a tiny country to the saving of human life.

Ten years ago the Israeli rapid response team rushed to assist with the Turkish earthquake. Among their many successes they rescued a nine year old boy who had been buried under 7 floors of rubble for 98 hours. Let's hope they can repeat this many times in Haiti during the critical hours ahead.

All they ask is to be allowed in.
This does not always happen.

Why is it that those countries which are the first to condemn and demonize the Jewish State are usually the last to send aid in these cases ... if they send it at all?

For further information see: Mashav and IsraAid

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