December 30, 2010

Katsav: A story of Backslapping & Backstabbing

The left-wing media in Israel can hardly contain its glee at ex-president Katsav’s conviction for rape. “A triumph for democracy and the rule of law!”

What’s more, the Arab and Islamic media have been running the story nonstop as a means of vilifying the Zionist entity.

What seems to have gone largely unreported amid the bullet-spitting verdict of Judge George Kara is the fact that he is an Israeli Arab.

Name me one Arab or Islamic country in which a Jew will ever be able to sit in judgment on a Muslim – let alone its highest official.

The glow of that single fact means more than democracy or the rule of law over which the establishment congratulates itself.

My previous postings on Katsav are here and here.

I have two predictions.

Supreme Court
One, that (unless he becomes overcome with depression and does himself some harm) Katsav will appeal and eventually be exonerated of rape, for which no evidence was presented. It was simply that the lesser - provable - charges of sexual harassment were beyond the statute of limitations … hence the earlier plea-bargain offer by the prosecution.

Two, that Judge Kara will quickly be parachuted into the Supreme Court by a grateful President Shimon Peres and with the support of an adoring left wing establishment.


December 26, 2010

Cartooning the conflict


December 12, 2010

...and in contrast to Sweden's weak-kneed leaders ....

What a refreshing contrast from Canada's PM, Stephen Harper ...

Swedish Karma

Yesterday’s suicide bombing in Stockholm is an important marker on the slippery slope of Sweden’s decline into dhimmitude under Islam.

Other markers include the attacks on Jews in Malmo which the city mayor and Swedish government showed no interest in abating.

But let's not forget another important marker.

Six years ago the same city of Stockholm lauded suicide terrorism when its Museum of Antiquities hosted an exhibit called ‘Snow White’. It comprised a photo of a female Palestinian suicide bomber floating in a pool of blood.

That bomber was Hanani Jadarat, who had blown up a Haifa restaurant a few months earlier killing 21 people and wounding 51. The Israeli ambassador to Sweden famously ransacked this obscenity, after which the authorities allowed it to be rebuilt to receive ever more admiring visits.

Those who fail to confront terrorism - let alone turn it into some cultural curio – are doomed to fall victim to it sooner or later.

Through uncontrolled Muslim immigration Sweden has ‘made its own bed’ and now has to sleep in it. The comments of Pat Condell in this Vlog aired just weeks before yesterday’s bombing are instructive.

The Swedish people are captives in their own land, fearing the next attack or uprising by their ‘visitors’. Doubtless the Swedish government will dismiss this bombing as the work of a few crazies and will further cajole the local imams in hopes that they will order their followers to be nicer to their Swedish hosts in the future.

In psychology there is a special name for this irrational behaviour.

It’s called ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.

[See also 2004 posting: A Bad Case of Stockholm]


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December 11, 2010

At your local supermarket ...

December 05, 2010


Obama’s last-minute rush to settle tax rates before December 31st is very instructive for us.
He’s had the best part of a year to get this sorted, but did nothing … until the very last minute.

Similarly when his commander of the Afghan campaign asked for a surge of 40,000 troops, he sat on the report for 5 months before making a decision to send 10,000 less troops  ( … and then to idiotically  tell the Taliban when those troops would be withdrawn!)  

This is a man who’s happy to procrastinate while everyone else suffers … soldiers without reinforcements and businessmen unable to make decisions without a clear tax policy.

No wonder Obama has so much time for PLO chairman, Mahmoud Abbas.
They share the same management style.

To kick-start genuine peace negotiations, Israel voluntarily froze all Jewish construction in the disputed territories for a period of 10 months.  Abbas did nothing for all of those 10 months. For all of that time, hundreds of Israeli families were forced to languish in temporary accommodation, having committed to sell their former homes and in some cases paying two mortgages.

In Obama’s case, it’s pure procrastination and the devil may care for the plight of his troops and taxpayers.

In the case of Abbas, not even 10 years will be sufficient to commit him to genuine peace negotiations.  He is nothing but the Duracell Bunny of the Muslim Brotherhood. And the moment he even thinks of acknowledging the legitimacy of the Jewish State (within any borders) his batteries will be pulled out.



Wikileaks has been dubbed by some people as America's 'diplomatic 9-11'.

Turns out they are absolutely right.

Already the Islamists are claiming that Israel was behind the whole thing.

The deputy leader of Turkey's ruling party claims that Israel was making statements about the leaks before they were even published.

Sound familiar?


December 04, 2010

FIFA most foul ...

Poor old England !

Its bid to host the 2018 world cup was clean, fair and probably the best for the game in terms of facilities and stadiums. Having not hosted for nearly 50 years, it was perhaps long overdue.

None less than the Prime Minister and Crown Prince of England travelled to FIFA’s Swiss headquarters along with football star David Beckham to lobby for support. They got smiles, handshakes and promises of support in the upcoming ‘secret ballot’.

In the end, England got just TWO votes.

And one of them was from its own delegate.

The winner was Russia – an icon of treachery and corruption.

The runner-up is Qatar to host the subsequent games in 2022.

England cried FOUL !

Fans now condemn the world body as nothing but an unelected club of lying, two-faced, double-dealing, corrupt delegates who are as easily bought by Arab oil as they are intimidated by brutal dictators.

Perhaps the British will now understand how Israel has felt at the hands of the UN for half a century.

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December 02, 2010

The fire in Carmel

After a week of desperate prayers for rain in Israel, the Divine response has been to send not water but FIRE.

To wit, the most devastating fire in the history of the State and most likely beyond.

After so many wars won against all possible odds, I am one of those people who firmly believes that not much happens in this region without Divine intervention.

Or non-intervention when appropriate.

I wonder what might happen if our leaders stopped scrambling to give away parts of our promised land as if it meant nothing to them.

And what would happen if they started treating Eretz Yisrael, and the beautiful homeland so miraculously restored to our people after 2,000 years, as the most precious of all gifts, to be treasured and apppreciated every day of our lives.

Maybe it might rain.

Perhaps even pour!

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