March 27, 2011

Who Really is Barack Obama?

March 24th seems to have been a very bad day for Barack Obama. Not because of anything coming out of Libya or Fox News. Instead this bad weather rolled in from his own backyard.
Just when he thought the ‘birth certificate’ debate had finally run out of steam, in came Donald Trump and blew it back into the headlines. Ironically Trump’s blast was aired on “The View”, ABC’s Bush-bashing ‘feminists for Islam’ talk-show.

Dismissing all the recycled conspiracy theories and genuine nutjobs who have contributed to the ‘birther’ debate, important questions still remain unanswered.

If Obama has genuinely nothing to hide, why hasn’t he just produced the damned certificate? And why have hundreds of thousands of dollars been spent on attorneys to block access to this vital information? And why is there no access to any of his school records, university thesis or law journal articles? And why - and by whom - are so many websites being cleansed of anything unhelpful to Obama’s re-election campaign? There are many more thought-provoking questions on the indefatigable Pamela Geller’s blog here .

The second blow came from Obama’s friend and unrepentant urban revolutionary bomber, Bill Ayres. On the same day as Trump’s birther blast, Ayres admitted having written Obama’s book ‘Dreams of My Father’. See the clip and transcript on WorldNetDaily’s website here. This vindicates the investigative work of WND journalist Jack Cashill in 2008, in exposing the similarities between ‘Dreams’ and Ayres’ other book ‘Fugitive Days’.

Both of these March 24th blasts go to the heart of what seems now to be a throughly valid question: Who really is Barack Obama? For all Obama’s promises of ‘transparency’ the free world seems to have little or no idea. All we have is the fiction that is churned out daily by the fawning leftist media and academia.

If the book is fake - what about the birth certificate?

The truth will out in the end.
And it will make Nixon look like a saint by comparison.


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