April 20, 2011

Israel's Leftist Sickos

Here is the mother of one of the Itamar killers being comforted over the arrest of her son.

The lady comforting her is Raiya Yaron, an Israeli woman ... or a poor excuse for one.

She is one of the leaders of Machsom Watch, a group of bleeding heart leftists who spend their time harrassing Israeli soldiers manning  security checkpoints across the country. 

So they campaign for the removal of security checkpoints and then comfort those who exploit those openings to carry out the most unspeakable butchery.

It has been reported that one of the killers knew his way around Itamar after another leftist organisation campaigned to allow him and other Arabs to enter Itamar for olive picking

I say Yaron and her ilk are accessories to the murder of Jews.

So why does the New Israel Fund send them money?
Are they any different to Saddam Hussein who used to pay terrorists for every attack on Jews?

Why doesn't NIF come clean - put these killers on their direct payroll, and cut out these crazy women?
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