April 11, 2011

With an outstretched arm

As Iron Dome punches missiles out of the skies, I am reminded of the Pesach message of the deliverance of our people "with an outstreched arm" from the slavery of Egypt.

During the last few days, Israel has shown its outstretched arm ... and the ability of its forces to target and liquidate Hamas terror leaders in Gaza. In their homes or in their cars ... there is no place to hide.  

Hamas are now begging for a ceasefire.

The long arm of the IDF has shown itself in all sorts of places.  Out in the Mediterranean Sea where it impounded an Iranian weapons ship; as far as the port of Sudan where its Apache helicopters took out a car carrying weapons smugglers; in Dubai last year with the assassination of bomb-maker Mahmoud al Mabhouh and January's kidnapping in the Ukraine of Hamas rocket supremo Dirar Abu Sissi.

50 years ago Israel reached as far as Argentina to pull Adolph Eichmann into a hangman's noose as architect of Hitler's genocidal  'final solution' for the Jews.

42 years ago the Israeli navy stole into France to 'take delivery' of 3 missile boats it had bought and paid for, but which French president Charles de Gaulle had embargoed in a weapons ban on the Jewish state.

35 years ago Israeli commandos flew 2,500 miles into Africa to rescue over 100 Jewish hostages in a 55-minute operation at Entebbe, Uganda.

27 years ago, Israel reached out to Ethiopia and rescued 8,000 natives whose Jewish lineage was about to be wiped out forever.

And in humanitarian terms, the Jewish State has crossed continents to assist victims of natural disasters from Turkey to Haiti to Japan.

Plucking missiles out of the skies seems simple by comparison.

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