August 25, 2011

Barak must go ...

It's hard to believe that Ehud Barak was the most highly decorated soldier in the IDF.  It's also hard to believe that he is Israel's defence minister.

A soldier's job is to arm himself, identify enemies and destroy them.
In the flotilla incident, Barak armed our soldiers with paintball guns and now wants to apologise for their acting in self-defence.  For Mr Barak, the Islamic leadership in Turkey, with its unremitting incitement against Israel, is no enemy

A defence minister's job is to protect and defend the citizens.
The south of Israel has been under missile attack for over a week. It goes on even as I write these lines.

The defence ministry has been closely monitoring the many thousands of missile deliveries to Lebanon and Gaza. What was the last figure I heard? Maybe fifty thousand rockets split between Hamas and Hezbullah? The prime minister has been using this information for at least 5 years in briefings to Western leaders.

So would someone please explain to me why years later, the IDF is still waiting for its 3rd battery of Iron Dome interceptors to be deployed "in the next 2 months".  And that 3 more (just three!) will be deployed in 2012.  This information was announced - or leaked - 4 days ago.

Yesterday the business journal Globes reported that Rafael Industries, are "doubling their capacity" of Iron Dome production.
What planet must Ehud Barak be on?
Is he so busy playing foreign minister to do his prime job?
Is he still in paintgun mode?

Israel's two Iron Dome batteries have successfully intercepted 90 percent of incoming rockets. It is a locally produced item - not something that we needed Obama's permission to ship, or was embargoed by the European Union. 
So why did Barak not order full scale production 2 years - or even 1 year ago?

Is Israel short of funds to pay a local company and thereby create hundreds more jobs?

Why did Barak wait until 1 million Israelis were sleeping in bomb shelters before ordering more Iron Domes?

And why is Rafael just doubling production?
This is war for heaven's sake.  Production needs surely to be increased tenfold!

The specter of two Iron Dome batteries being frantically towed from Beersheva to Ashkelon and back with each attack would be Keystone-comical if not for its clear message of Barak's utter betrayal of Israeli citizens.

Barak may once have been Netanyahu's commanding officer, and Bibi may still think that the sun shines out of Barak's backside.  But for Israelis facing another night - and possibly a whole shabbat - in the shelters, enough is enough.

Barak must go.

Strategic Affairs minister Gen. Moshe Yaalon, a former IDF Chief of Staff, is well able to step into the breach ... and without apologies to anyone.

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