August 18, 2011

By Any Other Name ...

Another terror attack on Israel today and another skewed report by the BBC.

Read their reportsee what I mean.

I sent the following feedback which will doubtless be added to their extra-large trashcan:

"Gunmen, assailants ... every kind of euphemism except the accurate one: "terrorists".

How can a world news organization get away with censoring the truth?

Could you be doctors and not say 'disease'?

Or be artists and ban the word 'colour'?

So what happened to journalism and the truth?

By failing to call this evil by its real name, the BBC only encourages more death and destruction by beasts who think the world regards them as common criminals. "

Thank goodness for organisations like Honest Reporting which monitors this kind of travesty, as you can see by clicking the picture above.

Another 'lone crusader' for BBC reform is British lawyer Trevor Asserson. He set up the website BBCwatch before moving to Israel.  In a recent article for the Jerusalem Post magazine, Trevor reveals that BBC news reaches 90 percent of the British public compared with only 27 percent for its nearest rival Sky News. He continues:

A recent survey showed that 1,500 versions of a single news story could all be traced back to just three sources: Reuters and AP – two anonymous generic purveyors of information – and the BBC. The BBC is the strongest brand in the news business, a brand which, even after much research debunking the myth, is still widely believed to denote accuracy, balance and truth.

Is it a wonder that the UK is the world leader in boycott activity against Israel?

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