August 21, 2011

A tale of two embassies ....

Last Thursday's terror killings of 8 Israelis and the firing of 100 rockets into Israeli population centers in the subsequent 3 days was sure to get London's luvvies out on the streets to cheer on the jihad.

Hats off to the intrepid blogger Richard Millett for fearlessly filming these useful idiots outside the Israeli Embassy.

This particular idiot sports a Che Guevara shirt, which suggests that he probably knows as much about Che as he knows about Gaza and Israel.

Perhaps one day this idiot will discover that Che was a committed Stalinist who reveled in the torture and execution of thousands of political prisoners in Cuba.

Guevara makes the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad look tame by comparison. 

Meanwhile, at the Syrian embassy in London, all is quiet.

As it is outside the Iranian embassy.

For Britain's useful idiots, it's OK to machine-gun hundreds of unarmed Syrian citizens in the street ...

it's OK to have Iranian dissidents clubbed, imprisoned, gang-raped and stoned to death ...

its OK to starve millions in Darfur ... 

... as long as Jews are not involved. 

The definition of "chutzpah" just got updated to this anti-Semite in a Che shirt protesting 'British Support for Racism' .  

When any of these people set up a relief flotilla for Darfur, or an International Solidarity Movement for oppressed citizens in Syria, Iran or any of the 22 Muslim states, please be sure to let me know.  I might miss the story in the British media.


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