September 25, 2011

Coming to a European city near you ....

This is Paris two weeks ago.

You don't need to know much French to see how the chickens of multiculturalism and open EU borders have come home to roost.

It astonishes me that Israeli politicians like Peres and Lieberman still espouse Israeli membership of the EU.
Just imagine tiny Israel having to throw open its borders in this way?

While the world focuses on Europe's economic bankruptcy, scenes like this show that finance is the least of their problems.

September 04, 2011

Was Soros behind Israel's demos ?

Maariv's exposure of a former Clinton pollster being involved in Israel's 'tent city' demonstrations has a very bad smell about it.

Last night the demonstrations climaxed to almost half-a-million people. In a tiny country like Israel, this is bigger than Tunis, Yemen, Egypt and Libya combined.

If external forces like Stanley Greenberg have indeed been involved in stirring-up the protests, it's very likely that what started as a social protest has been hijacked by powerful external forces to unseat the Netanyahu government. 

One has to ask: is this another Soros-funded revolution?

Just connect the dots.

  • After the fall of Netanyahu's first government in 1990, Greenberg was reportedly dispatched by Clinton to assist Ehud Barak's election campaign. 
  • Most likely the same agenda is being followed now, following the clear animus displayed by Barak Obama at both meetings with Netanyahu. 
  • Obama's feelings towards Netanyahu will probably have been colored by his then chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel who has no love for Bibi.
  • From a single protest tent in Tel Aviv, the movement grew to half-a-million demonstrators in just 6 weeks. The overwhelmingly leftist organisers clearly needed serious organisation, media management and funding.
  • Greenberg has close links with Rahm Emanuel.  Apart from the many  polling contracts, Emanuel reportedly lived 5 years rent-free in the home of Greenberg's wife, who is Democratic Congresswoman Rosa de Lauro of Connecticut.
  • Now we come to Soros.  Apart from his links to the Color Revolutions such as the one he backed in Georgia, he runs or funds virtually every liberal leftist and globalist organisation and agenda in the United States and beyond. It's hard to imagine that such a leading Democratic pollster as Greenberg would not have secured many contracts with those organisations and thereby benefited from the billions of Soros grant funds.  
  • Greenberg's wife is an ardent admirer of Soros. Empathizing with hurtful 'McCarthyite attacks' made upon him by others, she invited Soros to a meeting on Capitol Hill.  Here is the invitation.
  • With US debt and jobless numbers having finally debunked Obama's fraud of  'hope and change' - Greenberg has been advising the President to avoid electioneering on the economy.  Clearly the only rabbit Obama can pull out of the hat in an election year is a peace settlement in Israel. For this he needs Livni to replace Netanyahu and sign-away half of Israel and Jerusalem to the Arabs.
So, is Soros and his money connected with a move to oust the freely elected government of the Middle East's only democracy?  

When the tent protesters finally go home, and the Trajtenberg Commission  has investigated all the social complaints, a new commission of inquiry should be set up to ask this very question, and expose any external forces which have been working to undermine the government of Israel these past few weeks.

A government which, according to the latest opinion poll, has increased its lead on Livni's Kadima party by almost 10 seats.


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What makes the Arabs happy?

This anonymous email dropped into my inbox ...

The Arabs are not happy ...
·        They are not happy  in Gaza.
·        They are not happy  in the West.
·        They are not happy  in Jerusalem.
·        They are not happy  in Israel.
·        They are not happy  in Egypt.
·        They are not happy  in Libya.
·        They are not happy  in Algeria.
·        They are not happy  in Tunis.
·        They are not happy  in Morocco.
·        They are not happy  in Yemen.
·        They are not happy  in Iraq.
·        They are not happy  in Afghanistan.
·        They are not happy  in Syria.
·        They are not happy  in Lebanon.
·        They are not happy  in Sudan.
·        They are not happy  in Jordan.
·        They are not happy  in Iran.

Where are the Arabs happy?
·        They are happy  in England.
·        They are happy  in France.
·        They are happy  in Italy.
·        They are happy  in Germany.
·        They are happy  in Sweden.
·        They are happy  in Holland.
·        They are happy  in Belgium.
·        They are happy  in Norway.
·        They are happy  in the U.S..
·        They are happy  in Australia.
·        They are happy  in the New Zealand.

They are happy in any other country in the world that is not under a Muslim rule.

And whom do they blame?
·      Not Islam.
·      Not their leadership.
·      Not themselves.
But the same countries in which they are happy to live. 
This is so true ..... 

Democracy is really good for them ...
In a democracy  they can live comfortably, enjoy the high quality of life which they did not build and work for, they don’t have to be productive and earn a living, they can be  wild, pray in the street and exploit social services,  bite  the hand that feeds them.

And by the time the free world wakes up, it will be too late .....

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